(Miscellaneous comments from pieces dealing with Russia I’ve collected. Most of them anonymous or with pseudonyms. They are chosen to illustrate either rabid hostility to everything Russian or stone-dead ignorance of present reality. I post from time to time when I have enough, spelling mistakes and all.)

********. Aegis is a system capable of engaging multiple air and sea targets concurrently. That single destroyer would be able to eliminate the entire Russian navy. Of course there is no mention of the attack sub(s) that would have been accompanying it. As for “running away”, the POS russian navy probably couldn’t keep up with the cruising speed of the US destroyer. Ever seen that laughable carrier they sent to the med, moves at 3 knots and belches so much ****, it could be on a global warming sci-fi movie as the enemy.

It would be very stupid for Putin to do exactly what the US military is trying to get him to do. If there is any military engagement with the US at all, Russia is done and Putin ends up like Sadaam. He needs to repeat that to himself like a mantra and do a lot of blinking in the coming days.

Commenter on a web site, 6 December 2018