RF Sitrep 20150226


DEBALTSEVO. The Kiev forces abandoned the “cauldron” leaving enormous quantities of equipment behind (including the last of the 3 counter mortar radars the US supplied) and many corpses. Poroshenko is completely delusional (“betrayal” is a good word) and his delusion is shared by Washington – read it and watch it; for reality, here are the words of the people trapped there. There’s nothing more that can be said – the Kiev forces were fully surrounded before Minsk, Poroshenko refused to believe it, the WMSM believed him (Again. Why?) and, of course Washington and its megaphones are pretending that it was some sort of violation. Supplying more weapons to the side that started with most of the heavy weapons and all of the air is supposed to do what, exactly? (Well, Kiev is fresh out of US counter-mortar radars). Debaltsevo short film, long film. There’s lots out there: take the time you would otherwise waste watching “the news” to look at them; it’s also perfectly obvious that these are not Russian soldiers but locals who want to get out of the freak show.

CEASEFIRE. After the Kiev forces retreated in a so-called “orderly fashion”, Debaltsevo has been cleared out. Gradually, grudgingly, heavy weapons are being pulled back to locations where they will be out of range. Another shattering defeat for Kiev – the Western sources blame it all on Russia but they are wrong. Sending unwilling, untrained conscripts and crazed neo-nazi fanatics, led by incompetents, up against defenders of their kith and kin is not a winning combination in any place or time. Read what a British Army “volunteer” had to say but forget the “poor kit stuff” – the militias had exactly the same weapons – the very same in many cases. I doubt this is the end, if for no other reason than the neo-nazis don’t want to give up: Yarosh’s own words. Protest in Kiev yesterday.

FOOLS, LIARS AND HYSTERIA. Chaos in Libya is nothing to do with NATO. John Kerry says “Ukrainians are coming together to define their own future”. Existential threat to the military alliance that spends 56% of the world’s total! Russian Latvian aircraft attack. Must spend more money because RT is winning the propaganda battle (the USA outspends RT 3 to 1 and then there’s the BBC to add on.) Can’t get Russian weapons on e-Bay (get them here or Ukrainian Lend-Lease, repair them here). Will this bubble of hysteria get bigger and louder until it pops? Or will it lead us into war with Russia? “American foreign policy is controlled by fools.

FAKES. First a US Senator and then a German TV channel caught using old photos as “proof” of Russian invasions. Trees and mountains, people, it’s a clue. And the Brits too: don’t you know that photos handed to you by some guy in an alley can be sourced? Guardian backtracks on pseudo-analysis; yes, crater analysis works, sort of, but not from satellite photos. I though the MSM prided itself on its layers of fact checkers. The only rational conclusion remains: if there were real evidence, you’d see it; fake evidence is evidence that there is no evidence. QED.

OOPS. A Lithuanian TV station asked viewers if they had noticed increasing Russian propaganda; 82% responded that it wasn’t “propaganda”, it was true. Truth, not big money, is why Russian “propaganda” is winning. Falsehood is why Western propaganda is losing. That and absurdities.

DE-DOLLARISATION. A few more steps: given the occasional threats that Russia will be kicked out of SWIFT, it has begun to set up its own process. The Duma ratified the BRICS development bank. Russia unloaded more US securities in December (and so did Japan and China).

UKRAINE. Money collapsed, currency controls, rationing, defeats, corpses, destruction. Worse to come. Many many people warned of this 18 months ago. None of its new friends will pour more money down the hole. All they’re going to get are more guns to produce more defeats. Another failure following Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. There are those who think chaos is the aim. If so, another success.

MAIDAN SNIPERS. Probably not a coincidence that just after the BBC actually questions the Party Line, Poroshenko “discovers” that Putindunnit.

IRAN. Russia went along with sanctions and stopped the sale of S-300 SAMs to Iran. It has just offered a more modern system. Washington objects; I doubt Moscow cares any more what Washington thinks. I’ll bet Victoria Nuland told her bosses there was nothing Moscow could do.

SAAKASHVILI. Saakashvili was appointed an advisor to Poroshenko. Tbilisi wants Saakashvili on trial; it’s not amused that Kiev won’t extradite him. Ah! the troubles of Washington’s quondam democratic heroes.

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Ten Good Reasons to Hate Putin: Or, rather, why our “leaders” hate him


Russians love him. The Levada polling organisation (not especially friendly to Putin) has been polling about him for 15 years. His lowest rating – lowest rating – (did I say lowest?) was 61% in June 2000, these days it’s in the 80s. (Question 1, Long Trend). Most Western politicians would sell their mothers into slavery to get up to 61%. But, asks the puzzled NYT reader, why would Russians like him? Results, that’s why; check out the illustration. You’d like it too, if you had a leadership team half as effective.

15 years of Putin

He’s popular outside too. Despite widespread belief in the servile Western media that Putin is “isolated”, a lot of countries are happy to invite him to visit. The photo that says it all is here.

He’s macho. When he takes his photographer along in his “private” moments, it’s to show him wrestling tigers, petting leopards, landing large fish, wearing tough guy headgear, hurling people around the judo mat. What do our leaders do in their photographed “private” moments? Golf.

Even the false rumours about him are macho. Affairs with beautiful young women, not pedophilia or secret homosexuality.

He’s got a real army. With air defences, fighter planes, modern tanks, tough special forces. So a fun little air campaign won’t be possible. Besides, Russia hasn’t lost many wars, has it? And they never give up; just ask the Mongols.

Nukes. Russia has them; they work: Bulava, Topol and Sineva. Meanwhile, in the USA not so much.

He’s Russian. And Russians are all horrible. Except for Pussy Riot.

He’s smarter than our team. Well… doesn’t he prove this every day?

You can’t bully him. Ditto.

He’s not going anywhere. He’s staying right there in Russia. And that, for the geographically challenged, is a great big country not very far from anywhere.

And one bonus reason. He knows gold is a better investment than US Treasuries.

And just one more. Russian babes say they like him. Imagine the campaign “Babes for (insert the name of your wearisome leader)”. Didn’t think you could imagine it without feeling a bit nauseous. Well, OK, there was Obamagirl. But that was fake.

US-Russia.org Discussion Group: Why the Minsk-2 Settlement of the Ukrainian Crisis Will Hold


While the Minsk-2 agreement is better than nothing and may lead to something eventually – after all, everything leads to something – it is at best the beginning of the beginning of the end.

There are two very serious flaws with the agreement.

The first is that there are several thousand Kiev troops surrounded in the “Debaltsevo Cauldron”; the agreement makes no provision for their evacuation or surrender. We are told that Poroshenko does not believe they are surrounded; but they are – there is plenty of film (for example) of the enclosure. There is no way that the Novorussian forces will allow them to stay there; they remember the Kiev forces at the Donetsk Airport continuously shelled Donetsk throughout the last “ceasefire”. They also remember Poroshenko boasting that the last “ceasefire” had been used to bring the Kiev forces back to 100%. And, today, fighting there continues and will continue until the Kiev forces take up the offer to depart without their weapons (surrenders are beginning, for example) or are destroyed.

The second problem are the neo-nazi “volunteer battalions”. They are not interested in compromise; to them a ceasefire is betrayal. They have many times threatened to return to Kiev and clean out the “defeatists” and “traitors” there. One day they will make that attempt.

In short, Poroshenko does not control his forces.

These two problems are enough to suggest that Minsk-2 will not produce a settlement or even a continuous ceasefire.

And the above ignores any meddling from Washington.

Thus, I cannot share the optimism.

Duh! I don’t Unnerstand Yer Kwestyun: Cause I’m just a dumb cluck (or I think you are)


But one of us is pretty stupid

This video is a good laugh – it’s an old one but still worth watching as an illustration of the level of falsehood of our “leaders” and how stupid they think we are.

Those nasty Russians are at NATO’s doorstep; never mind that NATO keeps moving the doorstep, those nasty Russians are just nasty.


BTW is Matt Lee the only reporter in the USA?

FLASH!!! US Senator makes Stunning Geographical Discovery: The fabled mountain passes dividing Russia and Ukraine


US Senator Inhofe passed out photographs of the Latest Russian Invasion of Ukraine. None of his staff who “worked to independently verify and confirm the authenticity of the photos” seems to have bothered to wonder where the mountain range separating Russian and Ukraine was.

Nor did they stop to think that a tank column like the one shown would surely appear on satellite photos.

And of course they didn’t do a search on Google to see if the photos were from somewhere else.

Nor do they know that, in the digital photo era, photos have time and location data.

The whole absurd story is here http://fortressamerica.gawker.com/senator-duped-into-using-old-photos-to-promote-new-wa-1685511541

What a pity that the fraud was exposed before it could have been enthusiastically picked up by the NYT, CNN, Economist and the rest of the House of Presstitution.

RF Sitrep 20150212


AGREEMENT. Ceasefire. Pull-back of heavy weapons. Autonomy talks. OSCE. Does Poroshenko mean it? Can he deliver? Will Washington let him? What happens if there’s a “nazi spring” in Kiev? Or in Galicia? The Donbass wants out. Will the WMSM stop its propaganda? (If Putin is so determined to conquer Ukraine why has he twice signed an agreement by which the Donbass stays there?). There’s no provision for vigorous enforcement. The Debaltsevo pocket isn’t cleared. It’s too much like the last agreement when Kiev forces never pulled back and never stopped shelling. At best, a first small step; at worst, a pause so Kiev can try again (here’s Poroshenko explaining they used the last pause to re-arm).

DÉJÀ VU ALL OVER AGAIN. Obama says the US “brokered a deal on Ukraine”. Interesting slip: Washington wasn’t part of the 21 February 2014 agreement. Perhaps he’s referring to two American officials deciding the new Ukrainian government without reference (well one) to the EU. The ineffable Jen Psaki explains that’s not what he meant. Perhaps he meant to say “broke the deal”.

IF YOU WANT ENEMIES, WE CAN DO THAT TOO. Revealing photo: why are Putin and Lukashenko smiling and the other three not? Have Hollande and Merkel just had a reality check? Could it be something like this: NATO says it’s taking “necessary measures to respond to the challenges posed by Russia and their strategic implications” and lumps Russia in with “risks and threats” in the southern neighbourhood; “Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is not an isolated incident, but a game-changer in European security”. Should Russia treat these statements from the world’s most powerful military alliance as empty prattle? Or should it ask itself why it’s selling energy to countries that call it an enemy?

MORE REALITY. The Debaltsevo pocket traps several thousand Kiev troops. (Maps and videos). More talk of “betrayal” and the like. It is said that a million Ukrainians of military age have fled to Russia joining another million or so. Here’s a video from eastern Ukraine illustrating the reaction to the latest conscription. Deserters can now be shot. German intelligence says the death toll is more like 50,000. Neo-nazis carefully ignored by WMSM. And the solution is more weapons? Kiev started with most of the weapons and has been regularly defeated. The rebels now even have an aircraft they captured. If you prefer, here’s a Kiev side account: victory all the way!

LITVINENKO DEATH. At last the words “Ichkeria” and “nuclear weapons” have surfaced in the London enquiry. Always been my favourite theory and Gordon Hahn’s too.

ECONOMY. We have official numbers for 2014. GDP was up 0.6%, the January-November trade balance was US$176 billion, up 0.6%; industrial production up 1.7%. On the bad side, the consumer price index rose 7.8% while real disposable income fell 1%. Capital flight (so-called) was US$151.5 billion but 85% of that was actually debt repayment (see below). The RUB/USD exchange worsened from 33 to 56. Oil prices are creeping up gradually. Hardly Obama’s “economy in tatters”.

RUSSIA’S EXTERNAL DEBT. It’s being paid off quickly – here’s a report.

REPORTERS COMMIT REPORTING! “Dramatic video has emerged of the moment a soup kitchen was hit by Ukrainian military rockets.” This is first time I’ve seen a Western media outlet telling the truth that Kiev forces are routinely shelling civilians; always before where the shots come from has been a Great Mystery. “Untold story of the Maidan massacre”! What’s next: suddenly unsuppressed MH17 reports?

SANCTIONS. The Spanish Foreign Minister estimates that Russia’s food sanctions have cost the EU €21 billion. Meanwhile Turkey’s food exports have gone way up. Ditto Argentina’s. Whatever happens, I think the Europeans have lost most of that market.

TURK STREAM. First stages underway. How’s the EU doing on building its connection?

ISOLATED RUSSIA. China again supports Russia. China, Russia and India vow to “build a more just, fair and stable international political and economic order”. An excellent trip to Egypt and, maybe, new relations with Greece. Not “isolated” either.

DELUSION. Saakashvili thinks a properly armed and prepared Ukrainian army has the “spirit” to capture all of Russia. Soros and BHL tell us Ukraine is a “participatory democracy; a noble adventure”. McCain thinks that arming the side that began with all the weapons and lost anyway is a good idea; Graham says it will make him “feel better”. Poroshenko thinks Russian soldiers would carry passports with them.

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