Russia Is Finished Quotations

First of all, the policy that is being pursued in our country is the policy not of yesterday, but of the day before yesterday. It is linked to the nostalgia of very many people in our country for the Soviet stagnation and for the Soviet traditions.

We witness a traditional policy, a return to old habits such as renunciation of freedom of expression, renunciation of all freedom, renunciation of such values as non-use of the army in internal conflicts, renunciation of personal initiative and of outspokenness; an expectation that benefits are about to be distributed from above. This is the way the majority of citizens feel. And this is the main feature of the past year. The policy of our authorities and the President have pursued this year tends to bring back the mentality of the day before yesterday.

Grigoriy Yavlinskiy, “Hero of the Day” program, NTV, 20 Dec 2000