Putin, Munich and Today

Response to a request from Martin Sieff on behalf of Sputnik on my thoughts on Putin’s Munich speech of 2007 now that we have all actually made it to 2016… But. Not to the end of 2016.

I suppose, to put it most succinctly, that Putin’s speech at Munich in 2007 was the first half of the speech that he finished at the UN: “I’m urged to ask those who created this situation: do you at least realize now what you’ve done? But I’m afraid that this question will remain unanswered, because they have never abandoned their policy, which is based on arrogance, exceptionalism and impunity.

Is there much more to be said that that? He warned them, it happened.

(Speaking personally, I remember people coming back from our delegation, just stunned. Stunned by his “hostility”, that is. No one wondered about whether what he was saying was worth a thought. I wonder if they do today.)

And they’re still doing it. Here is the uber-neocon himself calling for just one more small war. But that teeny-tiny war, even shorter than the other teeny-tiny wars he promised us, will be the last. And then All Will Be Well.

The Obama Era has forged a terrible alliance of neocons and humanitarian bombers. They united to destroy Libya for, in the first case: grabbing its gold, running guns to Syria, killing opposition to Exceptionalism; in the second: because he “was bombing his own people!” But Libya has been destroyed and turned into a misery; nothing is safer, better or more secure.

Meanwhile, as Putin predicted, the BRICS and the counterforce has got stronger.

But one of his predictions has not yet come true regarding the fate of the “sovereign”: “It is a world in which there is one master, one sovereign. And at the end of the day this is pernicious not only for all those within this system, but also for the sovereign itself because it destroys itself from within.”

But it’s coming.