Those Horrible Russians are Winning the Information War: So we gotta ban them

Russia’s unconventional war on Ukraine is being fought with weapons, with economics—and with an unprecedented disinformation campaign now being waged across online forums, airwaves and media sites across Europe. Through the manipulation of facts and the integration of outright lies into mainstream narratives, the Russian government seeks to influence public opinion and shape Western policy. In conversation with Anne Applebaum, Director of the Legatum Institute’s Transitions Forum, the panellists examined why these tactics are working, how they could undermine European democracy and what can be done about it.

I read this, and I just wanted to weep. Despite 2 million Google hits for “Russian aggression in Ukraine” and 4 million (plus images) for “Putin evil”, and 56 (56!) million for “Russian lies”, we (the Good Guys, that is) are being pasted in the information war with those Russian liars.

And to make all this still weirder – Applebaum & Co claim that they speak The Truth, which is commonly thought to be stronger than lies.

But still the few noble Truth-tellers (like Applebaum – PS, speaking about truth, did she tell you she is the wife of Poland’s former Foreign Minister and NATO GenSec hopeful?) have to struggle against the Russian Anti-Truth Media Lies and Falsification Campaign that is winning hearts and minds everywhere and can only be stopped by banning it altogether. Sometimes freedom can only be free by being unfree. Or something. Anyway, we gotta shut down these lying liars.

So Applebaum & Co want us to believe that although there are umpteen Western media outlets which are, day and night, 24/7, pumping out The Truth – BBC, CBC, CNN, Fox, AFP, Reuters and so on and on – thousands and thousands of hairstyles on TV earnestly explaining that it’s all Putin’s fault – day and night on every TV channel, every newspaper – NYT, WaPo, National Tubby, Times, Guardian, Der Spiegel – that, somehow (ah those insidious Russians!) the effort is failing. This gigantic effort is for naught.

Somehow in Applebaum’s universe (despite the fact that half the West’s newspapers have an oped by her explaining that it’s all Putler’s (Putler hasn’t quite caught on: only about 200K hits) fault every Sunday (41 thousand hits for “applebaum op ed”) lonely old RT beats them all in penetrating the Western Hive Mind Target.

But RT just pumps out lies (34 million hits on “RT lies”) cooked up in Putler’s demented brain (1 million hits on “Putin sucks”).

What a load of self-serving propagandistic nonsense.

How stupid do Applebaum and her minions think we are?

I mean to say: