The Friendly Swastika

Perhaps the most idiotic thing ever said about today’s Ukraine. From Anna Nemtsova:

It [the swastika] also stands for just about everything negative that Russian President Vladimir Putin preaches about Ukraine being taken over by crypto-, and not-so-crypto-, Nazis. But young Stakhiv insists that’s wrong. He says he’s campaigning in opposition to ‘oligarchs running the country, the actual enemy of Ukraine’ and sees his mission as opposing the politics of the current president, the billionaire Petro Poroshenko, who, Stakhiv claims, does not see the real picture.

Nemtsova seems to expect us to agree that every Western campaigner for honesty in politics and anti-corruption uses the swastika as his motive. Swastikas are everywhere in the West; they stand for purity and truth.

Only a nasty old poop like Putin would think that swastikas have any connection with, well, not to put too fine a point on it, nazis.

There are a lot of swastikas and the like in today’s Ukraine to be explained away by the spinners, aren’t there?